About Kristin

Kristin Casey

On the Fast Track Towards Racing

I have always loved speed, adrenaline and motorcycles. In 2010 I experienced my first ride on a road course with my Suzuki sv650. Within a few months I earned my racing license and finished my first race weekend. One month later I was invited to race Superbike Peru, being the first woman to race in their country and placed 4th in both races amongst men. Shortly after I was invited to race Phillip Island Australia, then offered a full time position in south Florida with Prieto Performance Racing. Life was great and I was more than happy. April 2011 I was involved in a crash from a mechanical failure which threatened amputation of my right leg. I made a full recovery but was forced to move home and eventually sell my race bike to offset medical expenses. I always knew I couldn’t end on an injury, I had to get back to racing. My father was my #1 fan but had never seen me race in person. May 2013 he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and less than a year to live. I decided right there, no more waiting, it’s now or never. I took out a loan, purchased a bike and all other necessities for racing. I got back on the grid and worked my way up the east coast starting with Homestead Miami in February 2014. By the time I was able to compete locally due to weather it was too late. My father passed in May 2014. I am now more determined than ever with my racing.

I have physically and mentally become stronger than ever and feel truly alive when on the race track. My mother now comes to races and helps out in the pits. We are planning for success with dad watching over us we plan to travel together and compete a full season of racing and many more to come.